Evaluation Copies of Kraken BLAST and Tentacle Servers

Wish to try Kraken BLAST before you buy it? No Problem!

Kraken BLAST Evaluation is a 30-day evaluation copy of Kraken. The evaluation copy is the same as the full version of Kraken BLAST with only 2 limitations:

  1. Kraken BLAST Evaluation does not contain any of the Kraken add-on programs such as the BLAST Viewer or the BLAST Output Exporter.
  2. Kraken BLAST Evaluation will only allow connections to a maximum of two Tentacle Servers.

Feel free to use Kraken BLAST as often as you wish during the 30-day evaluation period, but once the period is up the program will be rendered useless until a full version of Kraken has been installed.

If you wish to get an evaluation copy of Kraken then please contact us by electronic mail at eric@researchandtesting.com.


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